Over the last decade supporting our clients learning Spanish we have also learnt something big: a tailored program adapted to the clients needs is key for best results.
Our goal

Helping you to access Spanish language learning in fun and outcome-orientated way.

Our drive

Ensuring you get to include it into your daily life, smoothly and pleasantly!

Leticia Torres

Neurolanguage Coach
B-spoke CEO

The heart of B-spoke is Leticia Torres, certified in Neurolanguage Coaching accredited by Neurolanguage Coaching® (the method is a registered trademark by Rachel Marie Paling). Graduated in Literature Theory and Compared Literature by Complutense University Madrid, actress and script-writer.

The passion for language has always been present in my life. I strongly believe in the potential of connecting it to emotional intelligence, coaching practices and neuroscience.

During the last years all my training has been transversally focused in personal accompaniment. Language is a very powerful weapon and it stimulates me to work with teams and people and accompany them to achieve success through language in their lives and in different professional fields.

Leticia Torres

My experience as an actress and my attraction to the world of psychology have given me very valuable tools to learn how to accompany each person in their development and in the growth of their expression capability. I am autonomous and entrepreneur. Organised and responsible. I have a practical vision and a high resolution-capacity in problem-solving. I can also say I have a high level of empathy towards others. I have always been told that I have great communication skills and I honestly always find the motivation to offer a creative vision of work, shred the difficulty through creativity and humour, and bring close what can seem dense or boring. Moreover, I trust the strength of accompanying someone through a process. I believe that tailor-made and adapted lessons to the strengths, weaknesses and aims of clients offers guaranteed results.

It is a pleasure to state that I have always been recommended.

I enjoy that which is unique and different of each client, and I solely trust its efficiency.


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