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Leticia Torres
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Till I took language classes with B-spoke, I didn’t know classes could be not only very efficient and productive but also a lot of fun! The learning experience was smooth and perfectly tailored to my skills and language needs!! Many thanks to Leticia - a great teaching professional!

Louis Seliner
Vice President Business Development, Madrid
Being a person who is over fifty and not having learned another language in my life, It was important that I connect with a teacher who could help me navigate past my fears of learning a new language and put it to practical use. It is vital to have a teacher that understands the tempo in which you reasonably absorb, and provide the proper building blocks that will become important in your everyday use. Leticia imparts the foundation one needs while learning a new language with the addition of an upbeat, confidence building environment.

Peter Higney
Chief Operating Officer, Nikki Beach Home, Miami
Leticia is not only an experienced professional, but also a teacher that is able to adjust the program to student’s needs. She is very sharp and quick with the lessons, in just several weeks I managed to grasp several grammatic tenses, as well as a diverse vocabulary that I needed for my work and personal communication in Spain. Highly recommended for fast and reliable results in learning Spanish!

Iryna Poberezhets
Founder and CEO Offwork, Kiev
Leticia's Neurlingo Coaching is a perfect mix of interactive learning with real life applications that will enable you to develop confidence and comfort with the Spanish language in no time. The schedules are flexible and adjustable so it is ideal for people with busy schedules.

Alexander Schneider
President Nikki Beach Hotels and Resorts, Barcelona
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